Young Person Reviews

Here’s what Ashleigh Johnson aged 12 wrote about her experience…

By the age of 12, I was told that I needed a brace because I had crowded teeth and an overbite.  At first I was very upset about it and dreaded having to wear a brace in case the kids at school teased me and how I would look.

Then I went to my first appointment at Smiles and they were so kind to me, nothing was too much trouble.  They sat down and explained what would happen in my treatment.

I only got told off once which was my fault because I wasn’t brushing my teeth properly but I learnt my lesson.

I am so glad I had my brace fitted as my teeth are lovely and straight now.  I have the smile I have always wanted and the 18 months flew by.  I would recommend anybody who isn’t sure about getting braces, you will be very happy with the result because I know I was.

And there is no place like Smiles where all the staff were helpful, friendly and made my treatment more enjoyable!