Opening Hours

Our practice is open Monday to Friday and we offer a late night on Monday evenings. Early morning and later afternoon/evening appointments are reserved for our private patients. NHS patient appointments are available between the hours of 9am and 3.30pm.


Opening Hours
Monday 8.30am – 1pm 2.30pm – 7.30pm
Tuesday 8.30am – 1pm 2pm – 5.30pm
Wednesday 8.30am – 1pm 2pm – 5.30pm
Thursday 8.30am – 1pm 2pm – 5.30pm
Friday 8.30am – 1pm Closed

Emergency Cover

If you or your child are in discomfort and require an emergency appointment please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to see you as quickly as possible. In the event of you or your child requiring emergency out of hour’s orthodontic assistance please call NHS 111.