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Orthodontics Explained

A great smile is one of the first things people notice about you, for some that can be a problem. We have heard so many of our patients tell us how they avoid smiling in photographs, but we are here to help. Our specialist orthodontists are experts in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

We specialise in a wide variety of orthodontic treatments including fixed braces with tooth coloured brackets, ‘Incognito’ lingual (inside) braces and ‘Invisalign’ clear aligner braces.

As well as providing high quality private orthodontic treatment for adults and children we are also a key supplier of NHS orthodontic treatment for under 18’s from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.
Straightening teeth is an Orthodontists Speciality.

Our work is quite simply transformational and our team of highly trained orthodontists specialise in straightening teeth to give the gift of a perfect smile. Whether it is aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry you need we are here to help.

Our patients’ needs and desires are at the heart of our care. That’s why we take the time to get to know our patients, to listen and build professional yet relaxed relationships. Our approach is highly communicative, starting with our orthodontic Treatment Coordinator who is on hand to provide informative advice from the outset, ensuring that the standard of orthodontic care is to its highest.

Comprehensive consultations and support ensure our patients are well informed so they make a decision that is right for them. Together with the patient, our orthodontists create a treatment plan that considers not just the physical and clinical requirements but also the individual’s personal wishes and goals.

Our extensive range of orthodontic treatments available mean you can choose a plan that is best for you, be it fixed braces, clears braces, Invisalign aligners or Incognito invisible braces. We will guide you every step of the way.

Our aim at Smiles is to fulfil our patients’ aspirations by giving them a smile they are proud of. We are focused on providing a high quality and professional service, utilising the latest technology and techniques, while treating every patient as an individual in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Smiles Orthodontics is dedicated to providing first class orthodontic care. We recognise that the key to excellent customer satisfaction and thereby our own success, is delivering the highest quality of service and treatment.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through membership of the BDA (British Dental Association) Good Practice Scheme and by conforming to rigorous government standards set by the CQC (Care Quality Commission). We meet all essential requirements on clinical governance and quality assurance through our practice policies and protocols.

Qualitative care is important to us and encompasses not only health and safety, hygiene and surgical standards but also patient care, from the moment you call to enquire to the completion of your treatment.

Our team pro-actively undertakes continuous professional development with the aim of being the best in our field.